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Google LLC, stores logs which include your web requests, IP address, and browser type-language-date-time of request. It stores the data to improve user experience by personalizing better. Logs data related to IP address will be removed after 9 months and cookies data after 18 months.

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When the visitor leaves a comment on our blog, we collect the data like email ID, name and also IP address, browser user agent string for security purposes. An anonymous string is formed from your email ID while commenting and may be provided to Gravatar service to check if you are already using it. Check this for more details.

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We don’t share your data

I/Mudassir/Blogging Explained, don’t sell your data to any party in-mind and strive to protect it truthfully. However, when you click on 3rd party links or affiliate links you will be redirected to other sites; they may track your visit in some way, so make sure you read the privacy policy of each site you visit.

If you feel any concern related to your data, feel free to write to me – This policy is updated by me on 12-5-2021 in an honest manner.

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