Pro Blogging Advice: No One Cares About You if You Do Not Care About Them

I scanned a few comments waiting in moderation.

People published comments completely off topic from the blog post they commented on. On a face level, we all label these comments as being spam. But on a deeper level, these spammers reveal why they feel the need to spam. No one cares about them because they do not care about other people, blogging-wise. Feeling like no one cares about them, desperation sets in. Spamming ensues. Scared people believe the quickest way to make money is to make their comments and blogs all about building THEIR business. But if you think only about yourself, you have no care for other people. No human can care for another person if they are busy completely caring for themselves. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

No one cares about you if you do not care about other people. None of the spam commentors care about me and my business, my blog or my content. Each spammer cares only about themselves and their business, so I do not care about them. I ignore them. They struggle, spam and fail forever until they begin caring about other people.

Pro bloggers care about other people. Pro bloggers publish helpful blog posts for their readers because pros care about their readers, listen to their needs, and publish content to address reader needs. Boom. Fabulous. Since they care about their readers, their readers care about them. Simple. Seamless. Fail-proof strategy. But you need to actually care about people, putting their needs first, to better connect with people and to prove that you care deeply about them.

Hey; caring about people feels fun, freeing and fulfilling but also uncomfortable, if you have been conditioned to only think about yourself. Most of us have been conditioned to largely think about ourselves and our survival needs. It is what it is. Do not blame your parents, friends or society in general for administering any of this conditioning but do change your ways to care more deeply about fellow human beings, putting their needs before you needs in some regards.

I certainly love promoting my eBooks and self through these guest posts but also keep an eye on my fellow readers, putting their needs before mine as I write and publish more guest posts. I care for you guys. I feel humbled to help you. I enjoy helping you. But I only hold these intents because I faced my survival mode needs and decided to care about you more and more. Of course, the more I care about other human beings the more other human beings care about me. Point blank; this is the pro blogging way. Care about people. People care about you. More people caring about you grows your blog traffic and blogging business.

Feast on the simplicity of this basic business model: care for other human beings. Take an intense interest in people. Be genuine. Be authentic. More people will care about you, building your traffic, profits and business. Imagine if the spamming commentors only caring about themselves published genuine, valuable comments discussing points I made in my blog post. Not only do more interested readers click on their links, but these genuine commentors begin to develop a friendship with me. I may promote their recent blog post on Twitter, increasing their traffic. Why? Someone cared about me. I cared about someone else. Win-win scenario.


Critics offer you valuable opportunities for learning about yourself.

I learned some gems from critical people.

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