Put in the Time or Pay the Price

Every single one of your blogging struggles arises because you did not put in the time. Putting in time means generously helping people for hours daily to increase their skills and exposure. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure succeed, point-blank. But unskilled bloggers with little to no exposure fail, point blank. Either put in the time or pay the price down the road. Put in the time now to position yourself to succeed with your blog. Blogging is simple; help people for free to experience sweet success down the road. Open multiple streams of income. Prosper. But doing simple things daily for 10 hours a day feels highly uncomfortable because you need to face, feel and release fears to keep doing simple things and to position yourself to succeed.

How much fun do you have blogging? Oodles of fun? Good; you are riding on the right blogging track. Success will be yours because you will allow your love of having fun through blogging dominate the fear of having to face, feel and release fears. Guys, blogging is simply helping people while you face a myriad of mental blocks regularly. Mostly, the journey feels fun and freeing. Especially if you love blogging and love the niche you blog about. But intense fears meet you along the way. How do you handle these fears? Do you panic and turn around? Do you keep putting in the time? I have blogged daily for almost 5 years. I faced plenty of deep, highly unpleasant to feel, fears, during those 5 years of blogging work. But I kept going. I kept blogging. I kept putting in the time. Since I put in the time I did not have to pay the price of endless struggle and failure. Many bloggers whose careers I followed pay a steep price of terrible struggle and depressing failure only because they chose to NOT put in the time, being saddled by deep fears, resisting these emotions, burying fear deeper until it festered into something wicked and crippling.

Put in the time. No matter what you fear, if you put in the time you will position yourself to succeed. Success follows. Always. But you need to put in the time and work diligently to become hyper-successful online. Nobody takes shortcuts and succeeds. No one hacks their way to blogging success. Unless you have access to a time machine, you cannot move forward in time. Guess what? Even if you moved forward in time you still did not put in the thousands of hours of blogging work you need to put into the process. Nobody skips that work and time and succeeds. Accept this truth. Or pay the price.

No need to pay the blogging price, though. Put in the time, and put in the work, guys. Things will turn around for you eventually. The secret is to keep seeing the journey through, to blog for fun, and to allow your love of blogging your niche to overpower your blogging fears. You can do it!


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