Release Past Fears to Experience Greater Success

I scanned my email a few moments ago. I do not check email much at all. I intend to build a 100% passive income model because doing so feels freeing and aligned with someone who circles the globe, right? Anyway, I vividly recall the days of email-based fear seemingly holding me back for years. I clung to fear based on struggles I experienced a long time ago. But I perpetuated struggles because the fear in me scared me into putting ample value into how many emails I received. Toss in the fact I feared I did not receive enough emails directly related to growing my business and you have a powerful fear cocktail driving my choices and actions.

Fast forward a bit. Now I largely – almost 🙂 – released past email fears and many fears related to my blogging campaign. Letting go fears let me experience more freedom online as my presence expanded. For example, 8 years ago I guest posted little because I feared struggling, failing and pretty much wanted to quit on most blogging strategies. Why bother guest blogging? Nobody would read my guest posts, anyway, I thought. I also feared rejection. So I played small. Playing small meant rarely posting and guest posting. Ouch; struggles and failure followed because bloggers who do not blog much have a tough time making much dough or driving much traffic.

Flip-side, some 9 years later, all seems to be expanding slowly and steadily because I largely let go strings and guest post generously and prolifically daily, on a series of blogs. Not holding back helped you and helped me too. But I had to face, feel and release fears from the past to be the generous blogger I am today. Ditto for you. Face past fears to fuel future blogging growth. Bloggers act timid for past fears not embraced. How can you be generous if you are afraid to succeed? Clinging to the fear of success or the fear of failures scares you into pulling back from blogging, guest posting and networking. How do you picture a stingy, miserly, blogging lone wolf doing online? Not too well, of course.

Facing, feeling and letting go blogging fears frees you to be:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • trusting

to develop your:

  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure

to pro levels after blogging for a long time. No blogger succeeds overnight but facing and releasing fear influences you to be patient, persistent, generous and trusting in the blogging process. From there, all comes together quite nicely over the long haul. But only because you faced your fears fueling your blogging failure for a long time.

Do fun, freeing, sometimes uncomfortable blogging things. No one enjoys facing fear. But facing fear by doing uncomfortable things reveals the nature of your blogging struggles. All struggles begin and end in mind, with your fear fueling each blogging problem. Feeling fear by doing uncomfortable things dissolves the fear and dissipates the blogging problem. We are engineered that way as human beings. Isn’t that neat?

Be generous, as you conquer your fears. Keep helping people freely for a long time. Good things happen. More success finds you but you will be so deeply immersed in the blogging process that outcomes take care of themselves quite seamlessly, your generosity being the massive driver, fueling it all.


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