SEO Checklist Review: Can SEO Buddy Improve Your Rank?


What would it mean to know exactly what to do with your website to get on the first page of Google? An SEO checklist just might do the trick. There are plenty of blogs out there on this topic, but these free checklists aren’t updated.

They may not even be vetted by actual search engine marketing veterans either.

So, we went looking for a real SEO checklist that has all of the key factors that we would use to boost a website’s rank and some insider secrets that only experienced search experts know about. That led us to the SEO Buddy 102-Point Checklist.

Does the SEO Buddy 102-Point SEO Checklist work? For those who don’t know about SEO, this checklist is definitely a godsend. However, there may be some things on this checklist you’ve heard of before. Here’s a deep dive into this checklist and who should use it for Google search domination.

SEO Checklist Review: How to Use SEO Buddy’s Checklist

Many businesses learn about SEO by searching how to rank up in Google. However, many of the guides on SEO don’t offer a point-by-point expert checklist that lists everything you need to rank.

SEO Buddy created the ultimate 102-point checklist to answer this need and make it simple. By following the checklist, your website has all of the ranking factors checked by Google crawlers. This places your website in a prime position to beat out competitions and take coveted rankings in search engine results pages.

Not only will this checklist save you a lot of time, but after reviewing each point, this list is extensive and comprehensive. Anyone can use this checklist to harness the power of SEO for any niche.

Summary of What’s Included in the Checklist

  • 102 points of current SEO factors.
  • 40+ SOPs to follow with instructions.
  • Proven SEO procedures to build more traffic and rank up.
  • How to assess your website and identify missing SEO actions.
  • How to connect to Google Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business & more.
  • Step-by-step explanations and SEO actions to take.
  • Simple but effective strategies.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Frequently updated for current Google algorithms.
  • Top recommended tools for search optimization, tracking, and performance reports.
  • Ranking factors for all niches.
  • Helps you cover all bases for SEO performance.

The SEO Buddy Checklist is incredibly comprehensive. You won’t find a free SEO checklist with this amount of information, step-by-step instructions, and updated steps to take based on new Google algorithms.

Build a Solid Foundation

The first thing you’ll notice about this checklist is that it’s not just a list of what to do, but it includes step-by-step instructions to help you set up your website with search performance in mind.

In addition, you’ll see how to set up Google Analytics and track keywords while also tracking search metrics in Google Search Console. Both of these tools are free. It only requires your time, which is greatly reduced with the simple instructions provided by SEO Buddy.

Increase Your Performance and Traffic

Is your website running on all cylinders to get the most traffic? SEO Buddy includes over 100 hundred actions to take to improve performance, such as optimizing your images, boosting your website’s loading speed, and how to get the most from web hosts.

One crucial element is improving your website for mobile traffic. If your site isn’t mobile-first, Google won’t rank you above competitors that are. There are over a dozen points included on how to maximize your mobile experience and improve traffic.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Factors

If you have ever tried to follow a guide on these SEO factors, it can make your head spin. There are several methods for adding these factors to your website. SEO Buddy lays all of the factors out for you, including big and small ranking factors that matter to Google. You’ll learn how to position keywords and optimize your meta descriptions.

One key difference is that this guide goes in-depth into backlinking strategies. This is one of the most important factors in improving your rank, as this improves your domain authority and shows Google that other websites find your content trustworthy.

Technical SEO and Local SEO

You can guide Google to your most valuable SEO pages using the checklist. Not only does it show you how to improve your URL organization, but you’ll see the best strategies for meta tags and Schema markup.

For those who need local SEO help, the guide doesn’t skip out on you. This comprehensive checklist goes over Google My Business and Google Maps, including how to optimize attributes and Google reviews to gain a higher local rank.

Verdict: Is SEO Buddy’s 102-Point SEO Checklist Worth It?

Our SEO checklist review found that this is probably the best guide on current search optimization tactics.

With so many guides out there on SEO, you’d think there would be enough free SEO checklists to do what this list does. However, they simply don’t cover what SEO Buddy does.

SEO Buddy created the first checklist that includes instructions on every step and action to take. It’s best for beginners and small businesses to get started on ramping up SEO but don’t have the technical skills that professional search engine marketers do.

The cost is a small price to pay to get a full checklist and list of standard operating procedures for SEO, whether you’re an entrepreneur building a new website, a small business looking to beat out competitors, or an SEO consultant who wants to stay on top of their game.

You can order here:

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Mudassir,

    Super review bro.

    SEO Buddy seems to have it where it counts as far as that 102 point check list. Bloggers get tripped up SEO-wise because few have access to thorough check lists you can work, then, tick off, step by step. Such a list is critical for SEO; way too many factors for most bloggers to consider off the top of their head.


    1. The checklist is real and highly helpful to the point for growing your web business. SEO is a must-implement strategy for online businesses today and this is where SEOBuddy does the magic. Thanks for reading, Ryan!!

  2. SEO is something I have slowly been learning about, but due to its complicated nature, I have massively put off getting too involved with it. As a new blogger, I needed to read a post like this. Although everyone says SEO is important, this is the first look I have truly had on what I can do to improve my blog. This is a fantastic review. You certainly have me interested in SEO buddy. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

    1. Hi Brianna, you are welcome. Glad you are open to learn SEO, it surely weigh big to your writing skill. Thanks for reading.