9 Reasons Why I Love Social Champ (And It Is Best in Class by Far)

Social Champ

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You are a creator who wants to drive potential prospects and customers to your social accounts and keeps your social media marketing strategy alive but is unsure how to go about it or which tool to use?

This article will explore and review Social Champ, a popular social media management tool, taking that stress from you and preventing you from getting too bumped before reaching your goal.

What Is Social Champ and 8 Reasons Why It Is the Best?

Social Champ is a distinguished social media management tool that assists small businesses, bloggers, and agencies in creating, managing, and scheduling content across their social network accounts.

It is a great tool to taste the power and convenience of handling all your social media campaigns from a single platform, saving you a lot of time.

Social Champ supports Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Social Champ

Following are some of the outstanding features Social Champ offers to make the most out of your social media marketing strategy.

#1. Social Media Scheduling

Social Champ’s intuitive dashboard offers to schedule to publish new material and modify existing content at your desired time slots on autopilot.

The sentiment manager optimizes your content by analyzing data to help you preserve the same tone for a make across all content published about it. For example, when I tried to promote Social Champ’s BlackFriday deal on my Twitter, here’s how it sounded:

Sentiment analysis

The hashtag manager suggests or lets you search brand-appropriate trending hashtags, enabling you to publish content in the best light to maximize your engagement.

The best part of scheduling is that suppose your statistics reveal that certain content performs best when published at specific times; in that case, you can schedule the content to be automatically posted at those times.

#2. Tracking and Analytics

After signing up for an account, Social Champ’s activity tracking and social media dashboard begin working with the social media handles you have provided to gain extensive comprehension of your audience.

The analytics tool allows you to keep track of your social media activity. After your posting goes live, you can evaluate weekly and monthly metrics for every single click to see the impact they have using this tool.

All your data is saved and can be used to generate infographics for management presentations or your portfolio. In addition, the report includes various elements, including engagement and keyword tracking.

With this feature, you’ll be able to recognize your best-performing content and content formats and center your future content around them to gain better outreach and further stimulate your audience.

#3. Ease of use

Social Champ offers a fantastic user experience. The dashboard is intuitive and straightforward to navigate, even for users possessing minimal technical knowledge. It lets you collect active and intelligent insights to act right on your other strategic decisions.

In addition, there is an onboarding session (a series of guides to familiarize them with the interface) for first-time users when they first log in.

#4. Recycling Content

This is my favorite feature. It prevents your excellent content from flushing down the drain.

It enables you to continually repost your content automatically by defining a frequency, helping you drive more blog traffic and save time.  This means your social accounts never run out of content. You will have the choice to decide whether to keep, remove, or repost any published content.

Using a UTM tracker to track traffic and other metrics in third-party sites while recycling and repeating content.

#5. Auto-RSS

Auto-RSS is one of the revolutionary automation features provided by Social Champ, allowing you to relax a tad from the persistent need to push new content manually.

You must connect your blog to your social media handles to happen so. Then, Social Champ will immediately share your new content on your social handles.

For example, I have added my blog’s RSS Feed “https://bloggingexplained.com/feed” on Social Champ. Whenever I publish a new blog post, it will be automatically posted to my social accounts, saving me time and effort.

If you wish to give your automated postings a more personal touch, you can adjust Auto-RSS to include titles, mentions, hashtags, and descriptions.

#6. Workspaces and Team Collaboration

A partnership between groups is essential in today’s business world, and a group of social media managers is no exception.

Thanks to the team collaboration element on Social Champ, you may collaborate with your team without sharing credentials.

Furthermore, the new workspace feature allows you to aggregate several social media channels from different customers and only add concerned teammates to those channels. Any teammate, specific campaigns, and select social media profiles can have post-approval enabled or disabled.

You may also share the workspace directly with clients or the person in charge of the client’s account so they can approve and upload the postings.

#7. WordPress Plugin

Social Champ’s WordPress plugin is aimed chiefly at users who wish to set auto-posting content from the WordPress blog to social profiles. The plugin supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Twitter profiles.

The plugin can extract the title, featured images, and customized text from your blog posts and post them to your social media. You can even queue up them for future publishing.

#8. Tool Integrations

Social Champ also offers some additional tool integrations, which include:

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Wave.Video

Do you use Canva or Crello? Connect it to Social Champ and utilize your favorite platform to make and modify eye-catching images without leaving the composer.

Integration feature Social Champ

Connect your Wave.Video account, in the same way, to edit and embed videos in your content.

#9. Bulk Upload

You can schedule more than a hundred social media posts in three easy steps with the bulk upload feature. You have to download their CSV file format to fill with the texts, links, hashtags, mentions, and pictures that’ll go with the upload, and you are all set.

You can always find the scheduled upload dates in the social media calendar. That allows you to make necessary edits, postpone, or even prepone upload.

Social Champ Pricing

The various pricing plans available on Social Champ are outlined below:

  • Professional
  • Champion
  • Business
  • Agency

Conclusion: Why Should You Use Social Champ?

It is noteworthy that every social media agency relies on a social media management tool to maintain their clients’ social profiles. On that note, Social Champ has several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

Firstly, Social Champ is very cost-effective, with a monthly subscription starting at just $9. This is an excellent deal because most other similar social management tools are far more expensive and lack features comparable to Social Champ.

Second, if you have any problem, their customer service responds promptly and follows up until it is remedied.

They also have an online Champ community (a Facebook page) that keeps you up to date on new features. You can always ask questions of concern or anything that poses an issue to you.

Finally, they actively listen to comments and attempt to incorporate the features provided by customers because they are a customer-driven tool.

If you give the Social Champ a chance, you will fall in love with it. So gather all of your social media accounts and begin generating and posting content.


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  1. Nikola Roza says:

    Wonderful SocialChamp review, Mudassir. Seems like a superb tool and I can’t wait to try it.

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Sure, it is Nikola! I’m so relaxed with my Twitter posting – Bulk schedules, recycling, Auto RSS; trying to get the most out of these outstanding features. Let me know how the tool goes for you.

  2. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:

    Great review Mudassir.
    A good social media management tool is an absolute must. It can save you so much time and hassle. I recently started using one and I love it.
    Hope you are doing well,

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      That’s true, SharlaAnn. They streamline our workflow, ensure our content reaches the relevant audience, saving us a lot of time. Out of some I tried, Social Champ is an impressive and comprehensive platform.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m doing good. Hope you’re all set for the holidays!