Trust Blogging Experience

If I offer you blogging advice based on my 10,000 plus hours of blogging experience accrued over 12 years of my life, trusting my experience benefits you more than trusting someone with zero hours of blogging experience. Even though you need to run my blogging advice through your intuitive filter to ensure following my advice feels fun, freeing and liberating to you, my experience prospers you because….well….I went through much if not all you will face and experience in the blogging future.

Alas, some aspiring bloggers trust their zero hours of blogging experience over my 10K hours of blogging experience. Why? Ego. Ego thinks ego knows what ego does not know. Making matters worse, ego trusts other human beings who have no blogging experience. Some trust their husband’s blogging advice but their husband has no blogging experience. Some trust their wife’s blogging advice but their wife has no blogging experience. Some trust some stranger’s blogging advice but the stranger has no blogging experience. One of the most bizarre, odd and flat out deluded ego traps involves ignoring someone with extensive blogging experience in favor of trusting someone with no blogging experience.

Why would you do that? First off, self-sabotage manifests in countless ways. Blogging from a predominant fear-intent scares you into making idiotic decisions guaranteeing your blogging failure. Following the advice of someone with no blogging experience while ignoring advice from someone with blogging experience seems consistent with an ignoramus. Digging deeper; if you have no experience, asking a fellow blogger with no experience often feels:

  • comfortable
  • safe
  • relaxing

because a blogging fool with zero experience does not offer you honest, truthful, sometimes harsh, always success-promoting advice, mainly due to the fact that the individual has no idea what they are talking about blogging-wise! Why trust someone who has no idea what they are talking about when someone who knows what they are talking about offers you free and premium advice based on their 10,000 hours of blogging experience? Do you slowly but surely see how insane you need to be in order to trust an ignorant person over an experienced, informed person?

Hey; take it or leave it, as far as my advice. Perhaps you take a shred to see what works for you. Or maybe you leave everything behind. But at least pore over a bit of what I have to offer as far as blogging experience to better inform yourself, potentially. Please though; do not put your faith, trust and blogging career in the hands of someone with no blogging:

  • experience
  • knowledge
  • credibility

because doing so suggests a bit of insanity, grounded in the fact that you are trusting someone who has no experience, skills, knowledge or credibility in the blogging niche. Some folks believe blogging is so easy, such a piece of cake, that anyone offers good, sound, success-promoting blogging advice. Others feel being a pro blogger does not require a high level of skill. Both people make the asinine mistake of underestimating both blogging and what it takes to be a pro blogger.

I invite you to write and self-publish 126 eBooks as I did; if you believe blogging to be easy, you obviously find writing and self-publishing eBooks easy, too. While you are at it, write and self-publish 1 eBook daily for 90 days straight, as I did in 2015 during a 3 month stretch. Go ahead; do it! Easy peasy, eh?

I kid because obviously, understanding the nature of my self-publishing campaign reveals being a pro blogger demands years and 1000’s of blogging practice hours forming a rich library of blogging experience to call upon.

Trust experienced bloggers!


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