What Blogging Distractions Do You Need to Trash?

YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Disney Plus. Consuming a tiny bit of each makes for a tiny little dish. But when the tiny dish becomes a piggish 8 course meal of hours, each serves as a big time blogging distraction you need to trash, immediately. 

I trashed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from my phone last week because even scrolling through each for mindless minutes daily distracted me, wasted my time and sapped my energy. I mindlessly scrolled through my main streams via each app for a good 30-60 seconds, 5 or more time daily? Why waste 5 minutes doing mindless things? Why not delete the apps to spend those 5 minutes writing 300 words of my next guest post? Do you see how I think? Do something to delete distractions. Take that time and apply it to something beneficial, creative and success-promoting.

Trash distractions. Save time. Use the time for something beneficial to you and your readers. I log in to FB and Twitter for no more than 10 minutes daily via my laptop. I scan Messenger and my DMs, reply to comments or @replies and share my blog posts on FB and Twitter, and I do nothing more. I still watch some Hulu, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus but only for a bit and only after completing my blogging work for the day. Everything in small doses ensures you do not distract yourself from your blogging work. Going with too big a dose eats into your blogging work, making your blogging life more difficult.

Use whatever means necessary to dissolve blogging distractions. Delete apps from your phone. Block sites on your laptop with specific apps. Be drastic. Be dramatic. Addictions die hard. I observed my ego whining the moment I considered deleting my FB, Twitter and IG apps. What about my Instagram updates? Would I be throwing away IG? Nope. I did not close the account. I did not delete the account. I simply trashed the app. People can find my 1000’s of photos organically. I am not deleting 1000’s of photos, my account or anything on IG. I simply deleted the mindless distraction of scrolling through my main stream via my phone.

Never let yourself off of the hook quickly and easily. The moment ego faces trashing a treasured distraction, ego fights dirty, using every trick in its devious little book to keep distractions around. Ignore ego. Be wise to its tricks. Observe how blogging distractions waste your time, sap your energy and make blogging life more difficult. Stand firm. Put silly ego and its sillier blogging distractions in their place.

Fill time saved by blocking blogging distractions with something fun, enjoyable and freeing. Create freedom momentum. Versus wasting time with distractions – sapping your energy – relish how you spend that time doing fun, freeing beneficial things. Note how I am writing and publishing more guest posts since I dramatically reduced my time spent on social media. All changes the moment you feel good about dissolving blogging distractions to make room for fun-feeling activities.

Once you banish a blogging distraction, trash that sucker for good. Do not download social media apps to your phone again. Stand firm. Be clear. See the benefit in trashing distractions to never walk down the distracted road, again. I observe how much better I feel, how much more I am meditating and how aware I have become by trashing social media, largely. Feel good about deep-sixing distractions and you’ll never walk the distracted path again.


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