What Confusing Blogging Concept Flummoxes Folks?

Blogging seems confusing to most bloggers. Flummoxing, even. I know why….

People think because it is easy to START blogging that it is easy to SUCCEED with blogging. Anyone can pull out a credit card, buy a domain and hosting for a minimum investment, and then, write and publish a blog post. Easy peasy. Most people can charge their credit card to the tune of $130 for an entire year of blogging investment. Easy. Anyone can write any old blog post and publish the thing. Again, easy. But becoming a professional blogger is not easy because going pro involves:

  • 1000s of hours of blogging practice
  • honing and owning serious blogging skills
  • creating generously
  • connecting generously
  • learning how to blog from pros
  • studying blogging
  • assessing what works and what does not work for you
  • learning the skill of monetizing

Sounds confusing to someone who believes blogging IS easy because starting a blog is easy? Heck yeah.

Blogging is not complex if you do it right. But blogging feels uncomfortable to do it right, at least sometimes. I follow my fun. I love this blogging journey. But learning the lessons – from personal experience – I needed to learn to successfully write this eBook:

How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

felt super uncomfortable sometimes. Feeling super uncomfortable absolutely does not feel easy. Imagine believing blogging is buying your domain and hosting, mindlessly writing posts on any old topic then publishing the posts. But after buying my eBooks, you learn becoming a professional blogger involves thousands more steps, all types of skills to develop and a high level of emotional intelligence. NONE of this work is complex. NONE requires a high level of intelligence. But sometimes, following these steps over 5,000 plus hours feels:

  • scary
  • worrisome
  • frightening
  • frustrating
  • depressing
  • deflating

Welcome to the journey of becoming a professional blogger! Simple, but not easy. Clear, but uncomfortable sometimes. Imagine believing that blogging is 3 steps:

  • buy your domain and hosting
  • write a post on any topic
  • publish the post

You follow these 3 steps, and, literally, no one visits your blog. Frustrating. What are you doing wrong? Everything. Why do you feel confused? You believed blogging is easy because blogging is easy to begin. Blogging is super easy to begin but uncomfortable to continue with because you need to:

  • learn how to blog the right way from pros
  • study pro blogger advice
  • practice writing
  • create
  • connect
  • monetize effectively
  • develop your emotional intelligence
  • master a series of nuanced skills over the next 3-5 years of your life, over thousands of hours of diligent practice, sometimes, when you feel hopeless, depressed and frustrated

Blogging is not for the faint of heart but the sometimes harrowing journey is worth it. Freedom wins. My wife and I became full time digital nomads a few days ago. We will travel the USA – then world – going forward for quite a while. How exciting. How freeing. I haven’t had this much fun in over 14 months. 14 months ago, we returned to the USA after a trip to Oman, Turkey and Thailand. Freedom.

Dwell on freedom – whatever it looks like, for you – to get through rough blogging stretches. See your dreams in detail. Step into your mental image to energize yourself for this long, sometimes challenging, blogging journey. Blogging is no joke. This gig weeds out all but the most diligent, patient, persistent, generous bloggers. But bloggers who see the journey through energize themselves with their most spectacular, freeing, dream vision, until the vision becomes reality.

Having a vision also grounds you in reality. Realistic bloggers never feel confused about the blogging journey.

Beginning to blog is easy. Seeing the journey through to going pro is not easy at all. But definitely worth the freedom the professional blogging lifestyle affords you.

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