What Does Your Blogging Tribe Look Like?

I woke up to a dear blogging buddy who promoted my deep course discount for me.

She is in my tribe. Tribe-member blogging buddies do awesome stuff like that.

Of course, we became blogging buddies and joined the other’s tribe because we help each other out without expecting anything in return.

Generous Mudassir gave me the keys to his blog. He generously retweets my eBooks daily. We both belong to each other’s blogging tribe. Nothing official exists; we are neither card carrying members of a specific tribe. We are simply friends who help each other, who happen to be bloggers. Tribes are groups of people who follow a blog. Some tribe members blog, others, do not. But tribe members read and gain value. Loyal, active tribe members promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff and/or hire you.

Succeeding online is virtually impossible without a tribe. Nobody can scale solo. Imagine me posting 35 times today to Blogging From Paradise? I would burn out after 1 week and nobody would listen much to me anyway, being a one man show with no tribe.

But, I do place 3-4 or more guest posts daily, co-creating with rocking bloggers like Mudassir. Guess what? The split second I publish this post it gets published to his tribe. Plus I promote this guest post to a nice chunk of my tribe. Our tribes grow through cross-promoting, cross-creating, and generosity. See how sweet it works?

How Does Your Tribe Look?

Your tribe may be non-existent. Bad news. Your tribe may look as grim as Friday the 13th, today’s date, or, the movie. The original 1980’s cult classic with hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees was filmed about 90 minutes from my home in the creepy words of Northern New Jersey. Scary place. But if your tribe is 2 or 3 not too loyal people, goodness, you are in for the blogging scare of your life.

Be straight with yourself. If you do not have at least 5 or more loyal readers – who may or may not blog – promoting you, endorsing you, buying your stuff and/or writing guest posts for you, or inviting you to guest post, you have no genuine tribe.

How do you build a tribe? Be generous. Help bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs. Help bloggers by promoting them on social media and through your blog. Answer reader questions freely. Be generous. Have fun working for free. Being generous is the ultimate loyalty builder and tribe builder because folks keep coming back to someone who helps them freely, trusting these bloggers.

Your tribe grows as your generosity grows. 1 loyal reader becomes 5 loyal readers becomes 10 loyal readers. Over time, you may have a tribe of 20 loyal readers who promotes every one of your blog posts on Twitter to their loyal followings. Your success grows. But only due to your persistent generosity.

Tribe for Bloggers

Have you joined Triberr?

Consider joining this tribe for bloggers.

If you are confused about how it works, buy my Triberr eBook.

Tribes like Triberr allow you to have a life away from blogging. I spent this morning walking around Brooklyn with my wife. I did not begin working until 2 PM, after doing my yoga. Guess what? My loving, loyal tribe, through both Triberr and other sites, promoted me around the clock during the 15 hours I was offline, from 11 PM last night to 2 PM today. Now I will work until midnight or later but my tribe will keep expanding my presence and success so I can head out to eat, take some breaks and enjoy my freeing, pro blogging lifestyle.

Get a life.

Start a blog. Build a tribe.

Grow your loyal community to help more folks, to experience greater success and to multiply your freedom.

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  1. Cori-Leigh says:

    I love this post, Ryan! So true that we cannot succeed online without building a loyal tribe through generosity and friendship. Helping others succeed simply because we genuinely care gains traction and leads to a successful and fun blogging experience. It just catches fire! It is by guest posting, reading and commenting, sharing and promoting our tribe… that the magic happens.

    1. That’s true, Cori. Helping other bloggers generously and blog commenting are great ways to gain exposure as well as to build a loyal community.

      Thanks for stopping by!