What Few Bloggers Understand About Publishing Blog Posts and Guest posts

Essentially, blog posts and guest posts are forever.

Every blog post and guest post you publish lasts until the blog owner stops paying the domain and hosting bills. Of course, bloggers stop blogging sometimes. But guest posting on serious blogs run by serious bloggers ensures your posts stick around for years. In the online world, blogs are forever.

Facebook is not forever. Twitter is not forever. No site is forever compared to blog posts and guest posts because bloggers who own their online real estate own a trusted, lasting chunk of the online world. Facebook flashes endless updates daily. Ditto for Twitter. Nothing on either site lasts much. Facebook has 2 billion users. Facebook users flood the stream with updates. Good luck trying to stand out on a site with 2 billion users.

Few bloggers understand how blog posts and guest posts last. Every guest post you publish becomes a lasting asset. I published 1000’s of lasting assets via guest posts. Some guest posts I published 4 years ago tabulated thousands of page views and still grab views today. This is the chief benefit to being prolific, generous and persistent; being seen in many spots accelerates your traffic and profit growth because everywhere you turn, readers see your blog posts and guest posts, each being a lasting, trusted resource.

Do not mail it in after publishing 1 guest post weekly. Publish another guest post. Publish another blog post. Publish more lasting resources. Publishing 100’s then 1000’s of targeted, valuable blog posts and guest posts puts you in 1000’s upon 1000’s of lasting spots online. Unlike fickle social media, with its fast expiring content, expiration dates being in seconds, or, minutes, every guest post or blog post you publish sticks around until the blogger owning the platform decides to stop paying the domain and hosting bills.

What sounds like an intelligent approach? Publishing content on social media, with its limited shelf life? Or publishing blog posts and guest posts with its extended shelf life?

Any wise blogger becomes a prolific blogger and guest poster because blog content is forever, until bloggers stop paying their domain and hosting bills. Smart bloggers spend most energy writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts to establish a firm, lasting digital footprint online.

Social media content can be yanked at any time for any reason. Blog posts and guest posts rarely get pulled unless blog owners change their perspective or rules; this virtually never happens. After publishing thousands of guest posts, none of mine have been pulled. Every single guest post I published remained live, some for 6 years. Why? I publish content on trusted platforms run by serious bloggers in the online game for the long haul.

Imagine your exposure after 1000’s of helpful, targeted blog posts and guest posts you publish dominate your blogging niche for years? Each post and guest post is a genuinely long term, virtually permanent brand and business asset. No one loses publishing blog posts and guest posts; only gain exists.

I cannot say the same thing for bloggers who focus heavily on social media content creation and marketing, with its short content shelf lives and constricting, confusing rules.


Do you want to be all over the place online? People tell me I nabbed 40,000 to 50,000 backlinks. For most bloggers, this means being in many places at once. I have a simple, powerful, smart system for being in many places at once. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to work the system but it is always freeing.

How did I do it? How do you do it?

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  1. Rijhu Sinha says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Rijhu this side.

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this complete guide and making us aware about the importance of blog post as well as guest post.

    Yes Ryan very true n well explained every blog posts and guest posts lasts forever until the blog owner stops paying the domain and hosting bills but we cannot apply the same with the social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. Blog posts and guest post has its own significance and yes again I completely agree no one loses publishing blog posts and guest posts; only gain exists.

    Thanks Ryan for making the concept more clear and Keep writing and sharing your experience.

    Thanks & Regards.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:

      Rijhu you said it perfectly my friend. Guest posts really do have their own flavor.