What Is 1 Overlooked Quality of Expert Bloggers?

Today has been a doozy.

Overall, I feel OK. But events passing during morning hours threw me for a little loop. I completed my yoga at 4 PM; 1-2 hours later than usual. I still have a 60-90 minute walk due before midnight and also have guest posts to write, submit and publish. I feel calm though. Why? I did not overlook 1 quality of expert bloggers.

Emotional intelligence.

I manage my feelings on rough days to keep blogging when most bloggers complain, whine or quit on rough days.

Emotional Intelligence

I wrote a blogging expert eBook for you, to help you gain expert status. I believe you can and will do it if you develop emotional intelligence. Of course, I am no yogi. Nor am I am a swami. But I developed emotional intelligence through meditating, doing deep yin yoga and facing my fears on a daily basis.

I became what some deem “expert” because I face, feel and release my fears. Facing fears and moving in the direction of fear is the only way to start a blog and succeed online. Blogging experts typically faced, unearthed and felt deep, pulsating fears, moving towards more traffic, greater income and their wildest blogging dreams.

Why Overlooked?

Most blogger expert posts focus exclusively on practical blogging tips. Build an email list. Solve problems. Create content. Build bonds. Although this is all well and good, virtually none of these posts cover emotional intelligence as a key factor in succeeding.

Imagine if you have $7 in your bank account. Do you believe you’d invest time, energy and money in building an email list, generously creating content and building genuine bonds with influential bloggers in your niche? Of course not! You fear to lose your precious 7 dollars and also fear to go hungry and homeless. How can you follow sound, practical tips if you fear losing everything? Practical tips laden posts are worthless to you because you have not the emotional intelligence to face your money fear-issue, to release it, and to blog from an abundant, generous, trusting energy.

But reading a post like this one alerts you to the beauty of managing your emotions, facing fears and moving toward dreams. Instantly, you know virtually all top bloggers blog from generosity, abundance and a total lack of scarcity. Top bloggers trust. Top bloggers feel detached and do not panic. All prior qualities carry a heavy emotional component.

How Do You Become Emotionally Intelligent?

Follow a daily energy management ritual to work on your emotional intelligence. Consider meditating, doing deep yin yoga, praying and/or exercising to be aware of fear and to move toward fun. I write this post because Mudassir rocks and because doing so feels fun to me. He wins because he gets free, passive traffic. I win because I get traffic, exposure and increased metrics across the board. Plus we bond more deeply.

Why did this guest posting opportunity flow to me? Mudassir and I vibe generosity and abundance, our minds meeting to co-create something beneficial for humanity. Why? We both developed our emotional intelligence to the point where we do not run around panicking, worrying, spamming or doing other fear-based, emotionally unintelligent stuff guaranteeing our failure.

Follow your daily energy management routine. Expand your awareness. Own fear and move toward fears. Blog predominantly for fun. Over time, as your emotional intelligence expands you will experience increasing blogging success. See the journey through and be an expert by attuning your inner world to abundance, love, and generosity.

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