What Is 1 SEO Benefit of Blogging the Right Way?

I run a blogging tips themed blog. Most posts I rank for on Google relate solely to blogging tips. Makes sense, right? Build your authority in a single niche. Google views you as an expert. Rank for posts related to that niche. SEO 101, eh?

But a few moments ago, I searched “tips to avoid bali belly” on Google. My recent blog post ranks on page 1 for a fairly strong key phrase. How did I rank for a travel-themed post on page 1 no less if I write few travel themed posts? How can I rank on page 1 for both blogging tips and travel posts? No small feat, for sure.

I blog the right way. Point blank, I create helpful content, build strong friendships with top bloggers and persistently, patiently, generously help people. Never deviate from the fundamentals. Do pretty neat things online. Mostly, only world famous sites rank on page 1 for competitive keywords in multiple niches. But I devoted myself to blogging the right way for years. Doing things the right way from a generous, detached, trusting energy allows you to drive more search traffic through multiple niches. Google sees your blog as being an authority site across a few niches if you blog genuinely, generously and persistently. But of course, few bloggers blog genuinely, generously and persistently. Most bloggers just try to game the system to make money online fast. Bloggers rush the process. Naturally, you never rank for any blog posts from a single niche, let alone multiple niches.

Stick to the Fundamentals

Stick to the basics. Create helpful content. Build genuine connections by being generous. Note SEO details via a plug in of course but put maximum emphasis on creating and connecting generously for thousands of hours. Google seems to notice bloggers who follow the fundamentals for years. I barely try to rank posts but spiffying up my SEO deets here and there allows me to rank for some keywords. Google sees Blogging From Paradise as being an authority blogging tips blog but some of my travel posts rank on page 1, too. Once again, I have 13,500 links in and oodles of helpful content based on thousands of hours of blogging service. Stick to the basics for years. Succeed. Google recognizes bloggers who keep to the basics. No sense trying to game a system by taking short cuts because you won’t rank on page 1, anyway. Google sees through those tricks these days.

You can likely ignore lesser SEO details and still rank on page 1 for competitive keywords. I rarely publish travel themed posts. No way Google perceives my blog as an authority travel blogging site. Yet I rank with top travel bloggers on page 1 for a strong keyword despite the fact I’ve a small number of travel posts and those top travel bloggers have hundreds to thousands of travel posts. Google loves good content above all else. The Big G also values blogs with 10,000 plus backlinks from a variety of different level sites, but with some big time authority backlinks from famous blogs peppered in there too. I placed no heavy focus on SEO or Google traffic over the years. I simply created and connected generously to follow the fundamentals. Google did the rest.


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  1. Aadarsh Roy says:

    Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Excellent post as usual. Blogging is one of a great and an effective source for several users to earn good income. Blogging field works really great if done properly.

    Blogging the right way provide several benefits. While preparing a blog post it is really crucial to focus on quality content. As readers are always looking for a type of content that is of high quality, helpful and absolutely an informative piece for them so that they could gain knowledge and ideas. Blogging the right way is one of an effective way to create good backlinks and connections.
    Blogging the right way also allows to generate more search traffic.

    Truly helpful post for bloggers and thanks for sharing.

  2. Amar Kumar says:

    Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    If you are loyal in building relationships and trust with your readers and customers with your genuine content, days not far when you are going to a successful personality.

    As most inbound marketers knows, success starts with content, so need to make your creative brain busy with writing blog posts that solve peoples problems.

    Speaking of social media, your active presence on social sites can contribute to your reputation as a thought leader, problem solver and all around awesome business.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar