What Is the Quickest Way to Get Blog Comments?


Patience, Young Grasshopper!

Blog comments taste like sweet nectar. Engagement rocks. Making blogging buddies feels awesome after starting a blog. Blog comments build a sense of community on your blog too.

But receiving comments takes at least a little bit of time because before receiving, give. Give to receive. Give generously to receive even more quickly. Although you can accelerate the process of receiving comments by following the tip below, it takes a little time and effort to follow the strategy.

Mudassir published the 11,000th comment on Blogging From Paradise a few moments ago. I appreciate his generosity and admire his genuine engagement. Do you know how I would have repaid the kind act if I did not write this guest post? I would have written and published a blog comment.

Write and publish genuine comments on blogs from your niche to discover the quickest and simplest way to get comments on your blog. Be generous.  Be authentic. Patiently, persistently and calmly read posts and share your honest thoughts on these blogs. The quickest way to get comments is to comment on niche blogs because social people stick out like a sore thumb in a sheltered, divided blogging world. I have no idea some of my readers exist because they never joined my list, commented on my posts, shared my posts on social media or bought my eBooks or courses. Especially if you blog, not commenting on blogs after reading posts is like allowing a golden opportunity to slip through your blogging butterfingers.

Comment to Get Comments

However, commenting genuinely on a collection of blogs daily brings less social bloggers out of their shells and attracts social bloggers to you easily.  Mudassir is one such social blogger. He returns to my blog to share his thoughts. I return to his blog to either comment or write a guest post. The win-win scenario here.

Even shy bloggers feel goaded to comment after you comment on their blogs. This is the power of genuine generosity in the act. People leave their comfort zone to help a social, generous person.

Why Quick?

I see this approach as being the quickest way to get blog comments because organically it makes the most sense. People love generous blog comments. What is the quickest way to show gratitude for their generosity? Comment genuinely on their blog.

You cannot force comments from people by begging them because desperation repels folks. But you can generously help people to inspire them to be generous with you.

Be Genuine

Share your honest thoughts.

Slow down, calm down, do not be in a hurry. Be genuine. Honestly, share a few sentences or a few paragraphs – minimum – dissecting a point made in the blog post. Use first names. Thank fellow bloggers. Show you care to inspire people to care about you.

Follow a Resource

Blog commenting is a science. At least, effective, genuine blog commenting is a science.

I wrote an entire eBook for you to better understand blog commenting:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

The following resources make life easier when you want to skip commenting or desire to publish non-genuine, two words, ineffective blog comments.

Speak Up!

We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts. Blogging is a 2-way street. I love receiving blog comments – as do most bloggers – because I never wanted to run a cyber diary.

I publish posts for me and you and sure love you sharing your thoughts.

Save sore fingers here and there, no downsides to genuine blog commenting exist.

Speak up, be genuine and observe the steady flow of genuine comments popping up on your blog.

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