What Is Your Blogging Focus?

I enjoy writing mindset-themed blog post. I found my focus. Finding my blogging focus took a bit. But finding my blogging focus – and sticking to a tight niche – allowed my blogging success momentum to build slowly and steadily over the years.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving your attention and energy to one focus allows the focus to grow and accelerates your blogging success. All grows if you grow your focus on one particular niche. Everything begins if you pick one blogging niche, to begin with. Feel free to drill down from there. Learn the power of blogging focus.

Being even a casual follower of my blog posts and guest posts reveals I promote one of my 126 eBooks through virtually every piece of content I create and publish. Again guys; observe the power of focus in action. Give your focus to one endeavor. Grow the endeavor. Accelerate your blogging success. Focus, focus and focus a little bit more. Being focused on a single niche lets the single niche do wonders for you. But focusing on multiple niches screws things up because scattering your energies makes success more difficult to attain.

Imagine if I attempted to blog about blogging tips, personal development and affiliate marketing. Diluting my focus dilutes my success. Blogging tips bloggers who give 100% of their attention and energy to blogging tips run laps around me if I try to cover blogging tips, personal development and affiliate marketing. Ditto for my personal development and affiliate marketing niche exploits. PD and AF bloggers run laps around me because each blogger gives all their blogging energy to one niche while I split my attention and energy to 3 niches. Meanwhile, I run myself ragged trying t learn and master 3 niches.

Drilling down deeper gives you even more focus. Peep my focus on blogging mindset tips. I initially focused on blogging tips. I still do share tips for driving blog traffic or increasing blog comments. But I felt a little nudge to edge a bit deeper into the blogging tips niche. Delving into blogging mindset tips made sense. Few bloggers edge into the mental side of blogging. We all have all practical blogging tips we could ever need, for 500 lifetimes! But why do most bloggers fail? Most bloggers are weak-minded, fear-dominated and flat out designed to fail. Why? Most bloggers have zero access to critical blogging mindset tips to ease your journey.

I saw a niche idea pop up in front of my blogging eyes. Why not blog about mindset? Why not blog about how to be an energized, stabilized blogger who succeeds from the inside out?

Do you need more blogging mindset tips, beyond enjoying my blog posts and guest posts?

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How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

I wrote a series of eBooks laying out blogging mindset tips. I also created 2 blogging courses, both heavy on mindset tips as I also introduced practical blogging tips as well. I ran with it. I drilled down. I focused.

Focusing allows success to unfold because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Focus on one end. Allow success to find you as your concentration creates a beeline out of your successful blogging path. Everything depends on your focus. All hinges on you and your willingness to do one thing clearly for a long period of time. Specialize. Do one thing until you go pro. Resist urges to blog outside of your niche because doing so dissipates your energy.

Think specialist, not generalist.

Do one thing. Do it well. Succeed.


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