What to Do if No One Reads Your Blog

Every pro blogger once ran a blog no one read.

Nobody read my old blog in 2008.

Even though Blogging From Paradise took off relatively quickly it was only because of the friend network I built from 2008 to 2014. Even then, it took a bit for me to gain traction with BFP. No one reads every new blogger’s blog; let this idea sear onto your subconscious mind. Be at peace with running a cyber ghost town for a while as you build skills, exposure and credibility to attract readers.

If no one reads your blog keep a few ideas in mind:

  • every new blogger has no readers; you are not alone, special, cursed, unlucky or damaged blogging goods
  • every new blogger needs to blog – by creating and connecting generously – for quite a while before attracting 1, 10 then 100 readers
  • new bloggers need to follow advice from successful, professional bloggers who lay out why no one reads your blog and how to influence people to read your blog.

Foundationally, people read your blog if you possess:

  • blogging skills attracting readers to your blog
  • a loyal blogger buddy network

Observe this guest post. Some readers see my name and click through because I practiced blogging for a long time to build my name in blogging circles. My skills attracted traffic to the blog. My loyal blogger buddy network – namely Mudassir because he invited me to guest post on his respected blog – helped make this opportunity possible, driving more traffic to Blogging From Paradise through their blogging communities. Look below; do you see my blog link? Any reader who clicks on the link finds my blog courtesy of Mudassir’s generosity. But I built a strong bond with Mudassir by doing my absolute best to help him out over the years by promoting him and by sharing valuable content through my guest posts.

Inspire people to read your blog by practicing your writing offline. Spend a few minutes daily writing 500-1000 words in a Word document. Trash the document to practice detachment. Become a confident, clear blogger who attracts readers to your new blog through the power of your written word.

Publish one post weekly – at least – to be seen in the stream. New bloggers usually have no readers for weeks or months because new bloggers rarely publish posts. Each new post you publish expands your presence online. Picture each post being a tree in a forest. Hikers walk through a one tree forest fast, missing your blog. But hikers notice more trees – aka blog posts – walking through a 5 or 10 tree forest. Focus on publishing helpful content. Blogging is no numbers game. But do not hold back. People are more likely to find your blog and read your posts if you have more than 1-2 blog posts floating around out there.

Network diligently. Promote fellow bloggers on your blog. Promote fellow bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. Expect nothing in return. Zero in on successful bloggers in your niche to learn from the best and to influence top pros with your generosity. Slowly, steadily and surely, pros will begin to promote you or comment on your blog if you diligently practice writing and publish helpful content. Pros promote only trusted content. Earn the right to publish trusted content by writing your rear end off.

Guys; you can and will get blog readers but be:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent

Every pro you envy now once had zero readers but the pro blogged with 0 readers, then with 1 reader, then with 2 readers, for quite a while in most cases.

This is why you better be passionate about blogging.

Passion drives you to keep blogging when no readers, traffic or profits appear on the horizon.


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