While Most Bloggers Try to Collect Backlinks…..

……I am making friends. I am creating more content. I am writing and publishing more guest posts. I am writing and publishing more blog posts. Toss in recording more videos, writing more comments and promoting other bloggers to help spread their word. I genuinely care little about getting links, money and traffic because getting is boring, in and of itself. I do not enjoy putting attention on myself because blogging is not about me, but blogging is about you. Since blogging is not about me, why would I care about gaining backlinks? I care not about my success or my numbers or any of that stuff.

I care about you. I do not want to collect backlinks. I want to make friends. Helping you learn more about blogging and more about yourself feels like fun to me. Learning more about myself by helping you also feels fun to me but I only enjoy learning about myself because I better help you as I become more self aware. Being self aware lets me focus on giving versus getting. I observe any heavy getting focus to shift these energies immediately. Blogging becomes easier if you give freely. Blogging becomes tougher if you greedily or desperately try to get links, profits and traffic. Everything depends solely on your blogging intent, your predominant energy.

How do you blog? Do you blog mainly to give? Or do you blog mainly to get? All changes if you blog mainly to give but most bloggers blog mainly to get. Read the title for this blog post. Do you know how many bloggers genuinely obsess wildly over getting backlinks? I have been asked the backlink question more than a few times. I observe a high number of bloggers ask this question quite freely. How do you generously help people – aka give freely – if you devote a heavy intent to trying to get links, traffic and profits? Every blogger is entitled to get links, traffic and profits but giving freely is the starting point for loving the ride and for setting yourself up to experience blogging success. Getting becomes easier if you offer most energy to giving.

I have no interest in collecting much of anything. Simply observe my lifestyle. I am a digital nomad. I own a laptop, Chromebook, a phone I barely use, carry-on and 1 week’s change of cloths, along with a pair of sneakers and pair of flip flops. Do I sound like a guy who obsesses over collecting backlinks, profits and traffic? I love giving. I allow getting to take care of itself. Take care of the blogging process. Allow the blogging process to take care of you. Blogging simply gives you what you give blogging. I give as much as I can to blogging because I deeply enjoy helping bloggers learn more about this special medium we all work patiently, persistently and generously.

Shifting your intent involves facing fears of loss. Bloggers mainly try to get anything for fear of losing that very thing, or for fear of not being enough as a person. Feel whole, complete and grateful by addressing feelings of scarcity, lack of completeness and ingratitude, now. Do not move forward until you genuinely begin to explore concepts like loss and its corresponding fears in your mind. Doing this quickly reveals feeling the fear of loss also removes the getting obsession dominating the minds of many bloggers. Be less and less concerned with getting. Be more focused on giving.


I learned a rocking lesson in blogging release.

Do you need to let go some aspect of your blogging campaign?

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