Who Do You Allow in to Your Blog?

I am open to differing blogging viewpoints online.

Anybody can share their thoughts in informed, polite fashion. Respect me. I let you continue a dialog. Cool. But I block rude folks who believe being passionate means being nasty, angry and combative. I also closed out comments on my blog because I refused to allow spammers in. Who do you allow in? Who do you give your attention and energy to? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give all of your attention and energy to people who love what you do to grow your business. Allow readers to share viewpoints differing from your own school of thought. But the moment someone becomes rude or sullen, ignore them. If these individuals keep peppering your stream with critical comments, block them to save your time and to save their time. Why would someone comment negatively on your blog or social media for months unless they have serious issues? Block them; save all of your time and energy for folks who love what you do, including clients and customers.

Patiently, persistently and generously bond with your loyal readers. Let go everybody else. Release people who predominantly do not vibe with your work because where your energy goes, grows. See your blog as being an exclusive community of people who vibe with your delivery. Do not allow spammers in. Spammers care less about being part of your community. Spammers just want to promote their business on your blog for free.

Do not allow needless critics in. Commenting on your blog is a privilege, reserved for respectful readers who share their viewpoints in intelligent fashion. Spam comments from repeat offenders who stop by simply to tell you again and again how low quality your work is because if they cannot control their bizarre needless criticism, you have to by directing all comments to the spam folder.

Someone followed my blog back in 2014. She enjoyed my first few blog posts but began an odd comment spree of noting my blog post quality declined, day by day, week by week. I eventually spammed all of her comments because if she did not have enough emotional intelligence to stop following my blog and to cease publishing negative comments, I had to step in and allow her to move on. She was aware enough to get the hint, stopped commenting and disappeared from my blog and social media streams.

Never allow any old body in to your blogging real estate or to your social media profiles because some people seek only to spam, to tear you down or to hurl insults your way. Life is too short to tolerate humans with the emotional intelligence of a sea sponge. Let these people go by not allowing them in. Label their blog comments as spam. Block them on social media. Delete their comment on social and/or label social media comments as spam.

Polite, warm, genuine people seamlessly share differing viewpoints in tactful fashion; allow these people in because mindful people have the right to share their thoughts respectfully. But block repeat offenders who intend to start fights, to needlessly criticize you post after post and who simply despise themselves but make it their life’s goal to project their fear-pain onto you.

Let them go to move in a fun, freeing blogging direction as you bond with fans, grow your business and enjoy the ride.


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