I know you may have heard this one before. But today, it is more authentic than ever before! With the latest Tik-Tok controversy and other social media censorship today, it is essential to have your own blog. It is where you can rule out what is said or not.

Now, you may have been suspended from Twitter or shadowbanned from Instagram. You wonder, what did I do? I know. I have been there before with Twitter. Sometimes you get caught up in the Twitter bots, or someone tries to destroy your social media presence.

Yes, it can happen to anyone today.

Six ways blogging can help your small business grow

Blog Is Like Your Own Home

Yes, a blog is like a home base online for your business. Your blog is where you set the rules and whether you allow visitors in. 

You can accept comments on your blog or shut them off if you do not have the time to engage with your readers. The choice is yours. 

Blogging Is a Marketing Tool 

However, many people don’t think of blogging as a marketing tool.  I meet with many clients who will not budget for blogging or understand why they need one. 

Blogging is a fabulous way to get your message out online. It can work well when you do this with SEO and a budget for promotion.

You don’t have to rely just on social media though social media does help spread your blog’s message further. When you use social media for your blog, be sure to use more than one platform. 

Never rely on one platform, for you never know when it may disappear or charge for usage. Twitter has been talking about charging for using its services in the future. 

Targeting With Your Blog

You can target a specific audience by having a blog with a niche. You will, of course, have to write for a particular person to accomplish this. 

Experts always say it is better to write for one-person vis, everyone. When you target everyone, you reach no one ironically.

You will have a great niche if you target the right person from the beginning. But that does not happen often. 

People wander around with their blog (I’ve done it!) and then figure out their target audience. A little upfront research will save you precious time for your blog. 

Digital Marketing Is Getting Expensive

Have you done Google ads or Facebook ads lately? The marketing dollars really can add up quickly. This is NOT saying blogging is totally free because that is false. 

You will spend a lot of time on a blog post, and time = money. And if you don’t have the time, you may have to hire someone to help you write the blog posts.

But you have more control over how you market your own blog. 

Blogging Gives You An Optimized Digital Footprint  

Moreover, your blog is like a resume. It can leave your company with a fantastic optimized digital footprint showcasing your company’s messages. 

A blog is part of your website. The blog helps to optimize your website by constantly having updated content.

Google and other search engines love fresh content. Not many people want to read old content unless it is history or an evergreen topic. 

Some businesses do not have a lot of evergreen content. Evergreen content depends on the niche of your business.  

A Blog Showcases Your Expertise In A Field

Having a blog for your business sets you up as an expert. You can visibly show your expertise in a blog through your writing, infographics, videos, examples, and more.   

Furthermore, your blog can receive input from customers and future customers. You can learn a lot from your potential customers if you allow blog commenting. 

These comments will let you know what else they may need to know to purchase from you. 

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for to start your blog if you are in business today?

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  1. Donna Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa,
    There is no better component to marketing than a blog. Here we can really write for that one person in mind in order to give them useful information. I see so many using Facebook and other platforms to market, but don’t blog. It is firstly difficult to find them and then get a real hold on who they are and what they represent. Having a blog also shows you know your stuff. This builds that know, like and trust with others, especially when marketing.

    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Thank you Donna. I think it’s even more important with many people being caught up in the bots and being banned on the social networks too. I don’t sweat that anymore 🙂
      Having your own place you can feel safer with the right hosting that your blog can stay online as long as you like. Of course, always do back-ups! I learned that too years ago. Thanks for coming by here Donna and make it a great day!

  2. Navin Rao says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Well said . Certainly we have already noticed a decline in onepage websites. This era is all about Marketing through content. So having a blog property is a must for any kind of websites. It’s a wake-up time for them who still feeding the content on social media page feeds to the wrong users. Pointless, if they don’t have a blog.

    A well designed product showcase will be only helpful when people are influenced enough through the content.

    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Hi Navin, now is the time to get started. Yes, a one-page website will not cut it anymore online. You need to have information and up-to-date information with that. I hope this post gets you started on the right path. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day.

  3. Rijhu Sinha says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Absolutely true. A very informative, useful and well explained post. Yes completely agree with you Lisa having a blog property is must for any kind of websites nowadays as there are number of its benefits.

    In this Online Era blogging is a fabulous marketing tool that helps you in connecting with the specific audience. A must read post and after going through this post I am very sure this will definitely going to help many of us.

    Have a great day ahead.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Thank you Rijhu, yes there are many benefits indeed. It does take time and effort along with consistency but in the end, it does help tremendously. The longer you have your website the better the SEO can be if you update and do things correctly too. Thanks for your input and have a nice day!

  4. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am 100% onboard with your post even solely based on the home point you made.

    Self-hosted WP dot org blogs ARE our homes. We own this online real estate. We set the rules. We can allow free speech. No brainer for running any gig online; even if you want to blog only as a hobby.

    Rocking post buddy.


    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Hi Ryan, I forgot I wrote this post a few weeks ago until I saw your comment come through my email 🙂 Yes, I’ve always said our blog is our home. We set the rules and own our own content from top to bottom. Nothing better! Thank you Ryan for the shares and comment on this one. Have a great day down there!!

  5. Martin Lindeskog says:

    Lisa: I will talk more about the importance of blogging together with podcasting and publishing a newsletter, on my “last” site, in the near future. The recent incidents of de-platforming and political correctness on social media platforms, is giving me arguments why you should look into podcasting. I will tell you more, when you have time to talk with me on the “phone”.

    Best Premises,


    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Hi Martin, yes we should schedule that before the year ends. I’ll send you a DM on Twitter. Take care and thanks for reading this one here.

  6. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I agree your blog is home. I have been so frustrated with social media lately but with my blog I decide what’s on it and who I let in. I have complete control and can set the tone without being bombarded with stuff I don’t want to see. Also, the people who are reading and commenting are (for the most part) there because they want to be.
    Have a great day.

  7. Lisa Sicard says:

    Hi SharlaAnn, I hear you about the social media, between the algorithms and censoring, etc, it’s been a mess this past year. You have much more control over your own blog and commenting around the blogosphere. Thanks for your feedback on this one and have a great day.

  8. It is a great idea for everyone to have a blog at this point, not just freelancers and business owners but people who have something to say and can’t say it safely on social media. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog with the eponymous domain name I own for this reason. We’ll see. Absolutely a blog is a powerful place and people should not hesitate to start one.

    1. Lisa Sicard says:

      Hi Sabina, I so agree! If you are in business you need a blog 🙂 And like you stated, if they don’t want to post on social media they can still blog their ideas and thoughts. God forbid we share them on social media today.
      Not a bad idea, I know a few who have done this, message me privately and we can discuss.