Why Build Your Blogging Business the Right Way?

People want to get rich quick. Been there, done that. But I had to learn the hard way that building your blogging business the right way is the ONLY way to create lasting blogging success. Do you want to see ever-increasing profit over years? How would it feel to keep increasing your blogging income year over year as your blogging workload felt easier to complete?

Pretty amazing, right? BUT building your business the right way is key to reaching this peaceful, prospering state. However, doing it the right way requires years of generous effort. Few bloggers spend 1000, 2000 then 5000 hours generously helping people because most panic. Panicking ensures you do not blog the right way.

Patience, grasshoppers, to blog the right way. Building your blogging business effectively means creating content and building connections generously for thousands of hours. The key is to take no shortcuts. Resist any urge to get rich quick. Nobody experiences overnight success in the blogging game.

Only patient, persistent, generous bloggers succeed because you work for a bit for free before building lasting business success. Working for a bit for free means spending thousands of hours working for free, or working hundreds upon hundreds of hours for free, before the money begins flowing in.

You better blog the right way because doing so gives you:

  • peace of mind
  • a sense of knowing success is yours
  • everlasting, ever-increasing profits

Think about it; would you rather be patient now and delay gratification to ensure your blogging profits grow steadily but permanently over the long haul? Or would you rather experience a short spurt of quick profits then long droughts, over the remainder of your blogging career?

I never wanted to be blogging for 10 years like I was on a roller coaster, experiencing profits, then droughts, then profits, then droughts. I despised that idea because I blog for freedom, not to be bound. Freedom means a lot to me. Having the peace of mind in knowing my blogging profits will keep growing steadily allows me to enjoy my offline life, including my travels.

Imagine working for 10 years to only experience a 6 month drought where you barely see any profits? THIS is exactly what happens when you blog the wrong way. Blogging the wrong way means you seek shortcuts. Blogging the wrong way is like building your campaign on a foundation of sand, trying to take shortcuts, cutting corners, trying to get something for nothing. Why do you expect to succeed if you do things guaranteeing either long term failure or sporadic profits? Lasting success greets bloggers who commit to blogging the right way for years.

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. See blogging as a mirror. If you blog the right way, blogging treats you the right way. Perfect mirror. But you need to do it the right way if you plan to experience long term blogging success along with peace of mind. Peace of mind reigns in this game.

Make sure you surround yourself only with compassionate, heart-centered, successful bloggers. Compassionate pros teach you to blog the right way. Sponge up their knowledge. Follow their lead. Learn from their success. Emulate their example. High energy pros keep you on the straight and narrow, allowing you to be patient, persistent, generous and trusting in the process. Perfect starting point for being a successful blogger and blogging the right way.

You cannot go wrong if you blog right. Check out the featured image for this post; I snapped it in exotic Oman. Blogging properly allows you to live your dreams. Plus you sleep well at night because you follow your moral compass.


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