Why Do You Fail to Be a Consistent and Persistent Blogger?

Fear. Fear in your mind scares you into not being consistent and persistent. Fear scares you into not blogging consistently. Fear also scares you into not being a persistent blogger. Why do bloggers tend to publish content on a single niche every single day for years of their lives? These select few professional bloggers faced, felt and released deep fears fueling mental blocks to being consistent and persistent.

Blogging is simple but uncomfortable. Any blogger can write and publish a blogging tips themed guest post today. Few write and publish a blogging tips themed guest post daily for 3 years in a row. Why do few bloggers write and publish over 1,000 blogging tips themed guest posts over a 3 year stretch? Fear. Fear in their mind scares them into believing ideas like:

  • writer’s block assails them
  • they will run out of blog post topics
  • they will run out of blog post ideas
  • they do not have enough time to guest post daily for years
  • they do not have enough energy to guest post for years
  • they do not have the commitment in them to keep guest posting for a sustained period of time

Bloggers need to face, feel and release fears fueling these mental blocks in order to be a consistent and persistent blogger.

Being consistent means covering your singular blogging niche every time you publish a post. Stay on topic. Maintain a sense of consistency in all you do. Build a respected reputation in your blogging niche. Be persistent by engaging in blogging work daily for years. Perhaps you publish only one post weekly but you better be connecting with fellow bloggers 5-7 days per week to stand out in your blogging niche. Create and connect. Be consistent and persistent. Establish your expertise, develop authority and gain credibility as a leader in your blogging niche.

The main reason why fear appears to cripple you into lacking consistency and persistence is because you possess a weak or non-existent driver for freedom. I blog mainly for fun and freedom. Blogging for the freeing driver of circling the globe and inspiring my fellow bloggers nudges me into the fear of doing uncomfortable things routinely. I choose freedom over fear most of the time. But only because my love of freedom generally outweighs my fear of doing uncomfortable things.

Build a vision for your dream life. Fall in love with experiencing the freedom of living your dreams. Allow that vision to sear itself onto your subconscious mind. As the vision becomes firmly implanted onto your mind it gets easier to do uncomfortable stuff. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable makes it easier to blog about your niche daily. Emotionally, the process feels uncomfortable but you and I can ease through blogging by keeping things simple for a sustained period of time.

Writing and publishing 2-3 blog posts weekly gets easier if you edge through uncomfortable fears routinely. Edging through fears becomes quite simple if you blog mainly to have fun and to be free. Fear seems scary to bloggers with a weak or non-existent freedom driver. Fear seems far less scary to someone who blogs mainly for freedom.

Be a consistent blogger. Limitless ideas exist for covering topics in your blogging niche. Listen closely to reader problems. Solve their problems with your blog content. Be a persistent blogger. Show up daily to network. Publish at least 1-3 posts weekly by falling more in love with freedom than you fear doing uncomfortable things.

Be a consistent and persistent blogger.


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