Why Do You Follow Specific Blogging Advice?

Give deep thought to why you follow specific blogging advice. Do you follow advice because a respected pro blogger told you to do these things, to go pro? Do you blog a certain way because most other bloggers blog a certain way? Do you follow popular blogging advice because the popularity of the tactic seems to make the advice trustworthy? Think long and hard before you follow any specific piece of blogging advice because how you feel while following the strategy determines your blogging success; following the counsel in and of itself does nothing for you.

Although this concept seems alien to you at first, thinking the idea through proves the truth of the pondering. Think about it; happy, pro, successful bloggers virtually all advise to follow your blogging passion. Why? Bloggers blog for 1000’s of hours spanning years before going pro. What sane human being spends 5,000 to 10,000 hours doing something they hate, that feels heavy, that feels like serious, boring, drone work, for 10,000 hours? No one does! This is why bloggers quit before going pro. Bloggers follow advice mindlessly without listening to their feelings, have little to no passion for their gig, struggle, fail and quit years before going pro.

Meanwhile, a select few bloggers who follow their passion blog mainly for the fun of it. Why would a fun-loving blogger working strategies that feel fun to work, quit? None do because the blogging work is the blogging reward. Money, traffic and all that other stuff feels like an extra, a bonus, icing on the cake. From there, these bloggers put in years of fun-work, relax, trust in themselves and trust in the process and eventually go pro. But every single one feels passionate about the advice they follow. Otherwise, they would have quit blogging 5, 10 or 15 years ago. This is why you need to vet blogging advice against your intuition, to observe if following the strategies feels:

  • fun
  • freeing
  • fulfilling
  • relaxing
  • enjoyable

to you. One needs to love blogging to blog for the 5,000 to 10,000 hours necessary before going pro. One needs to love working specific strategies in order to work the techniques long enough to go pro. No one takes short cuts because blogging short cuts do not exist.

I recall watching a top pro blogger speak at a convention. He noted how 15 years into his blogging career he would still be blogging if he never made a penny through blogging. Why? He blogged almost solely for the fun of blogging, not for money, fame or acceptance from other human beings. Can you see why he blogged generously and genuinely for so long until he became one of the top bloggers in the world? He put in the time and effort, trusting in himself and trusting in the blogging process, and eventually became a professional blogger.

The blogging journey is simple but uncomfortable sometimes. Bloggers who follow advice resonant with their passions simply keep blogging through fears, through the uncomfortable times. Everyone else quits. This is why you need to carefully and patiently question why you follow blogging advice and more importantly, why you need to wait around for honest answers. Following blogging advice mindlessly never leads to anything sustainable because bloggers who do not follow advice aligned with their highest passion or greatest fun quit before becoming successful.


Do you make blanket assumptions about successful bloggers? Most bloggers make some false, untrue assumptions about successful bloggers, holding back their blogging career. Facing, owning and releasing these lies often sets you free to become a thriving, successful blogger yourself.

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