Why Should You Create a Blogging Product?

New bloggers shudder at the thought of creating a blogging product.

How? More importantly, why?

Few bloggers publish a product. Even fewer think about creating and publishing a blogging product.

I created my blogging course to help you succeed and wrote an eBook explaining how to launch successfully. Why did I create a blogging product? Why should you? Let me list a few reasons to give you clarity.

1: You Already Have the Knowledge and Should Profit through it

Most bloggers have ample knowledge of their niche. If you wrote and published 20 helpful blog posts, guess what? You have enough knowledge to create a valuable product. Bloggers feel intimidated though, believing they need to be experts to even sniff at product creation. Nope. An online course is a bundle of information packaged in a different way than a blog post. Do you have the knowledge? If yes, then you have the product. Never fear formatting or packaging; this is easy. The key is building a product outline to answer a pressing question with clarity and completeness.

You have the knowledge. Turn it into a product, help readers and make money.

2: Branding

Products brand you.

Imagine if I saw only affiliate products on your blog. I know you know how to sell other folk’s stuff. But imagine if I see a blogging product created by you on your blog. I know you really know your stuff because creating products requires knowledge and experience.

The second I see your product, your brand sticks out in my mind. Anybody can run a blog. But skilled, savvy bloggers brand themselves and stand out by creating helpful blogging products.

Creating a product can make your blog brand *your* blog brand, a one of kind brand impressed on the minds of readers. Step away from the crowd. Start Blogging. Brand yourself powerfully. Create a blogging product.

3: Charge Higher Prices

I charge $1000 for my online course. I can only charge $9.99 for Amazon eBooks and I would not exceed a $20 price point for my flagship eBook because it’s an eBook. Selling products priced on the bigger ticket side of $300 and up positions you to boost your cash flow over time. If you struggle to make ends meet with 99 cent eBook sales as profits grow thru that channel, making a single $500 to $1000 course sale feels good.

If you work, why not get paid handsomely for the product you offer?

Note; quality wins if you charge hundreds of dollars or more. I charge $1000 for 6 hours of audio lessons. Imagine 6 hours of coaching from Ryan Biddulph. During my career – after I smartened up – I charged $100 then $200 an hour for my coaching services. 6 hours of my coaching would cost $1200 so I give you a sweet $200 discount for my course. Keeping this in mind, I charged $200 an hour as a coach and $1000 for my course because I have 40,000 hours of:

  • blogging experience
  • blogging knowledge
  • blogging insight
  • blogging work

Plus I live an amazing life.  Does $1000 seem worth it to learn from a guy who teaches you how to travel the world through smart blogging, based on his experience? Yep. I jam-packed 6 hours of dazzling value into the course and charge a relatively high-end price.


Do it guys!

Create your first blogging product.

Prosper as you inspire your readers to live their dreams.

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