Why Trying to Cold Pitch Bloggers Wastes Your Time

I scanned my email a few moments ago.

2 people tried to pitch me cold through email. I politely moved on and even told one blogger to keep up the great work. But their pitches waste their time because 99% of the time, I ignore a cold pitch from a stranger unless the pitch somehow entices me in a special way. Someone cold pitched me a guest post but I listened to her because her post helps me and our readers at Blogging From Paradise. She is smart. She is in the 1%. I just placed her post. Of course, she tried to advertise her business for free so I linked to a generic keyword and kept the content published. This benefits my readers and ensures I remain flexible but true to my business model of charging for business name mentions and/or business leads.

That cold pitcher did a fine job explaining how her guest post helps me and my readers so I placed her guest post. Win-win! But she is rare. Two other emailers cold pitched me on different topics. One enjoyed a resource I wrote and wanted me to link to her resource in the post. She wasted her time because I do not have 5 minutes to find an old blog post, edit the blog post, add a link to a stranger’s post and publish the post for their benefit. She is a stranger. I have no idea who she is, even if the post is valuable. Why would I devote 5 minutes to her and serving her and helping her if loving friends and readers and clients and customers whom I trust and love, are waiting for my content, energy, and services?

Start A Blog To Have Fun And Make Money

The other cold pitcher positioned himself to place a solid guest post, but he ignored my 600-word maximum rule and wrote a 1000 word post. He added 400 words to the maximum word count so I ignored his guest post. He emailed me a few moments ago, wasting his time, asking if I received his email and post. Sure I did. But he broke the 600-word rule so I did not place the post. Either he writes a 600 word or less post or he does not get it placed. I will not read future emails if he does not edit the guest post to 600 words. But if he does, I happily place it and gain sweet passive traffic while he gets traffic and exposure.

Stranger Danger

Stranger danger! Cold pitching does not work because strangers tend to look out for themselves, not for you and your readers.

I trust Mudassir. He trusts me. We are friends. We built a strong friendship, a warm friendship, based on being generous with each other. I set aside 20 minutes to write this guest post. We both win. We both succeed. We are friends so all is good. This is a warm friendship beneficial to both parties. This is how to network as I mentioned in my blogger outreach eBook. I happily spend time and energy co-creating with friends. But I never spend more than 5 seconds on strangers because no warmth, or trust, exists, until the person does something for me without asking for anything. I see the person is interested in me, not in what I can do for them, and seeds for friendship take root.

Spend Time Wisely

Make friends with bloggers from your niche. Help them. Ask for nothing. Share their posts. Buy their eBooks. Hire them. Comment on their posts. I am good to my friends because my friends are good to me.

See how making friends online uses your time wisely?

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