Work Only with Good Matches

I recall working with a fairly high profile blogger. Nice guy. But we literally saw two different worlds. I did not know how he saw the world he did. He did not know how I saw the world I did. We did not ever work on the same page. Not once. Talk about clashing points of view. Drove me a bit mad. Before I released him. We went our separate ways.

I quoted him a price for an article. He told me he’d pay on completion. Cool. I completed an in-depth, quality article tailored perfectly toward his needs. Guess what happened? He picked it apart. He said it was thin? Huh? I was floored. I paid great attention to detail. Doing an idiotic thing, I spent a good hour rewriting the perfect final draft. He stiffed me already by not paying me after he promised payment on a quality article. I’d impress him and get paid. I was floored again when he said my final draft came up way short. One part of me believed he was a ball-busting jerk but honestly, we literally saw 2 entirely different worlds. I had read his blog a little bit; he was no skilled writer. Dude was no Hemingway; truth, aka, facts. I did find it amusing how he poked holes in my work but this OK but a bit ball-busting guy taught me a plain, clear, valuable lesson; work only with good matches. I was a fool even to work with him in the first place. He gave off a non-match vibe. Digging deeper, I needed to immediately let him go aka fire him after he skewered my quality first submission.

I was plain idiotic writing the 2nd submission but learned my lesson; on the tough analysis, I emailed him politely. We did not have a match. I wished him the best. He did not honor payment after my diligent, clear, heartfelt effort so obviously I would never work for him again. Although I never bad mouth anybody, if a trusted friend asked how he was as a client, I would say nice guy, crazy picky, and does not pay. I cannot lie to people I trust and to people who trust me, and obviously, I do not trust him as far as I can throw him, so I have to share that with dear, generous bloggers whom I’ve befriended over the years. I would add; perhaps he pays other folks. I figure he does. He just did not pay me. Bad taste.

He taught me only to work with perfect client matches. Work only with clients who act kind, friendly and who simply vibe with your energy. Nice people win. Clear people win. I barely coach but client-wise, only take on people who have earned my trust over the years. Everybody else who reaches out to me has to earn it before I set aside time to coach them. I pick only ideal matches. You need to have posture to win in the blogging game. No way around that one. Pick folks who resonate with you, who feel fun to work with/for, and who match with you beautifully. Release everybody else. Life is too short to work for picky, cheap and stingy clients. Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Release these folks to find only the best matches.


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  1. says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Great lesson to take on board.
    I once “sacked” a client. He paid well and was a lovely person, but there were other factors that I just couldn’t handle.
    Sometimes you just have to move on!
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark